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Olive Active

Revolutionary new active principles from the Spanish Olive Tree.


OA Maslínico Powder: 

Repairing, rejuvenating & anti-inflammatory active. Activity patented.


OA Maslínico LD:

OA Maslínico Powder encapsulated in a phospholipid device.


OA Hidroxitirosol 40%: 

The best antioxidant known. Activity patented.


OA Hidroxitirosol LD: 

OA Hidroxitirosol 40% encapsulated in a phospholipid device.


OA Hidroxitirosol HE:

OA Hidroxitirosol 40% encapsulated specially for the hair.


OA Omega+:

The rescue oil. Fusion of the most nourishing protective and restorative molecules of the olive tree. Activity patented.


OA Omega 9:

Biological Olive oil of exceptional quality.


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OA Squalene:

100% olive oil source. Cosmos Ecocert certificated.


OA Squalane:

Hydrogenated OA Squalene. Cosmos Ecocert certificated.

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