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veda active forskohlin

Composition and molecular structure
The main active of Coleus forskohlii is forskolin. It belongs to the group of triterpenic labdanes with a big impact on cellular processes led by cAMP.

Mechanism of action
Adenil-cyclase activation: The basis of the mechanism of action of Forskohlin is activation of an enzyme, adenil-cyclase, which increases cAMP in the cells. Furthermore, it acts as a by-pass in the process of direct hormonal activation of the adenil-cyclase.

FL Greenway, GA Bray and D Heber Department of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, Torrance, CA, USA. Topical fat reduction Obesity Research 3:561S-568S (1995)


  • In vitro lipolytic activity: fat cells and lipolytic agents (forskohlin among them) were incubated together with hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL). The table below shows the effects.

  • Fat Reducer: A double-blind study with obese women, topically applied product. It is divided into 5 groups, each group with an active. Forskohlin was tested in group 2 and 3. The results showed an important reduction in the circumference of the thigh.

TABLE 1. Effects of various lipolytic agents on HSL (hormone-sensitive lipase)


Morimoto et al. Lipolytic agents and lipólisis. Relationships between lipólisis induced by various lipolytic agents and hormona-sensitive lipase in rat fat cells.


  • Lipolytic action: lipolysis is a process largely governed by cAMP. It has been shown that Forskohlin significantly stimulates lipolysis as well as inhibition of adenosine and thus preventing fat synthesis in adipocytes.

  • Protection from UV: Recent studies published by Nature show that Forskohlin is an activator of melanin without sunlight.

  • Activity against psoriasis and atopic dermatitis: Psoriasis is characterized by low levels of cAMP in the skin related to GMP (guanosine monophosphate Ciclasa) levels. The ability of forskohlin to regulate levels of cAMP in skin cells has proved to have a therapeutic benefit to combat psoriasis.

Inci name: Veda active forskohlii extract
Purity: 95% forskohlin
Dosage: 0.05 to 0.1%

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