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veda active pygeum

Composition and molecular structure
The main actives of Pygeum are phytosterols, especially β-sitosterol which has antiinflammatory effects. It also contains pentacyclic triterpenes with antiedema properties, and ferulic acid esters.

The β-sitosterol is one of the most important actives of Pygeum africanum, using in therapeutic thet lipid-sterolic extract.

Mechanism of action
The lipid-sterolic extract of Pygeum africanum has antiinflammatory and antiedema effects. It’s action is based on:

  • Inhibition of the enzyme 5 - α-reductase, preventing the conversion of testosterone (T) to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

  • Inhibition of the enzyme 5-lipooxygenase, inhibition which would block the synthesis of leukotrienes avoiding the formation of edema and erythema.

There was an in vitro study using leukotrienes (as a metabolite of the 5-lipooxygenase) exposed to Pygeum. Two formulations were prepared and they showed that Pygeum had the capacity to inactivate the metabolites of 5 lipooxygenase.

Paubert-Braquet M, Cave A, Hocquemiller R. Delacroix D.Dupont C, Hedef N, Borgeat P. Effect of Pygeum africanum extract on A23187-stimulated production of lipoxygenase metabolitos from human polymorphonuclear cells. Lipid Mediat Cell Signal. 1994 May; 9(3):285-90. Links

In cases where there is an excess of circulating androgens, such as acne vulgaris or alopecia, which are characterized by an increase of 5 - α-reductase and increased local production of DHT. That's why its topical applications are aimed primarily at:

  • Treatment of acne vulgaris

  • Treatment of hair loss

Inci name: Pygeum africanum extract
Purity: 14% β-sitosterol
Solubility: dispersible in hot mineral oil (10%) / soluble in C12-C15 alkyl benzoate (10%)
Dosage: 0.05 to 0.1%

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